Optical Ollusions

I am pleased to announce the newest series from Ollure, Optical Ollusions. Faeries are hiding all around us. You just have to look closely to find them. This new series combines art work and brain teasers. Can you see the fae that surround you?

In Hiding was the first Ollusion. A simple fae hiding in plain sight.

Did you see it? If not, look again before you scroll down.

This is the final version of Mantodea. It was very popular at a recent show. Can you see the fairies that live in this image? The fae are very good at hiding. They may only allow you to see a wing or an arm. Or you may just see their face staring back, possibly with a tongue pointed at you. But you can only see, IF you believe.

How many Orbs and how many fae do you see? please comment with your numbers.

Optical Ollusions are currently available at the Ollure Online shop as 8×10 Prints at the introductory price of $10. http://www.ollure.com/store


~ by Chris on July 16, 2009.

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