Greenway Art Festival

Sept 18 2010, The Greenway art Festival was held at the Old fort park trail head of the Murfreesboro Greenway. There were artist, dancers, and musicians along the trail. It was a beautiful day to enjoy art and the greenway.

Wings by A Temptation of Faeries

There were painters, photographers, sculptors, and metal workers. A Temptation of Faeries was there with fairy wing and fairy photos, Bob Haynes had butterflies encased in acrylic,the butterflies where grown for arboretums and died of natural causes, Alicia Schenk of Sinister cupcakes had her cupcake rings and pinup paintings. Travis Maynard made found art sculptures.

sinister cupcakes

Alicia Schenk of Sinister cupcakes with her cupcake ring, painting and parasol

Some of the artists
Travis Maynard, Lime Tiger Studio
Carol Berning, portrait artist
Alicia Schenk
Bob Haynes, Butterflies are beautiful
Curt Harding, A Tail of two Kitties
The Dancer’s Studio

The festival was held by Friends of the Greenway (FOG), to support and promote Murfreesboro’s Greenway.

Artists on the trail


~ by Chris on September 26, 2010.

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