At home instead of at the Festival.

This would be the third weekend of the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. We should be in the booth enjoying great company and greta weather. But we’re at home doing some Spring cleaning today. We miss you so much, we miss the laughter, music, and excitement of faire.

While we have outside jobs, the extra income helps. We have a ko-fi and a Venmo if you would like to buy us a coffee. Ok we’ll use it for glitter or fabric.


We have opened an online book store with book shop. Any sales from the store will help support us. If you are looking for something to read try here instead of that massive online store. The site is here on bookshop.

fairy book.

Fairy Science

Coloring Book

Fairy Houses

Wings by A Temptation of FaeriesThere are many artists that make their living touring festivals. Please support them by shopping their online shops.

~ by Chris on May 16, 2020.

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