About Ollure Fantasy Photography

I have always been interested in art. I am also a huge fantasy/science fiction fan. I have combined both passions into my Fairy Photography and Toy Photography. In May 2007 I was named a Froudian Artist of the Month for my Fantasy site, Ollure.com. Yoda archives is my toy photography site.

This is my Ollure Fantasy Photography blog. This is the first place I’ll make announcements about appearances, new art work, and new prints. I create fairy photographs and hidden fairy puzzles called Optical Ollusions. Plus I offer Fairy or Fandom portrait photography.

The posts on here are linked to my Facebook Fan page via RSS. You can fan me on facbook by clicking the box to the right.
Links for my blogs are in the sidebar under “Across the web” heading.

“After a recent storm, I was hiking through the woods. The storm had felled some old trees. A path had been made though the thick overgrowth I wondered into this new area. It was cooler than the surrounding forest,
I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, then a flash of light. I thought it was sunlight reflecting off the leaves. Then I saw a ball of light weaving through the forest. I followed it. Soon I was in the mists of the Fae. I felt the cool air, smelled a hint of lilac and knew I had found the fairies of Ollure. These Photographs are my proof.”


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