Tell a Fairy Tale day.

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It is tell a Fairy Tale Day!

Alabama Renaissance Faire Day one

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We had a rainy windy opening day for the faire.The morning was wave after wave of rain. We had to fight the wind a couple tine to keep the tent down. But after 1:00 it calmed down we stayed very busy selling wings and ears. It was a beautifuk second half of the day.

Due to today’s bad wether the faire will open at 10:00 am tomorrow. On Sunday’s the faire usually opens at noon but have decide that this time they will open early. Hope to see you there.

A Temptation of Faeries October Calendar.

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We’ll be in two events in October we return to the Alabama Renaissance Faire on the 26th and 27th and new this year Pumpkinfest in downtown Franklin, TN.


Dancer at Alabama Renaissance Faire 2018

The Alabama Renaissance Faire is one of our favorite shows. It’s great for families and the crowds are awesome. We will be selling our handmade Fairy wings, elf ears, and artwork. Come find us on next to Gilded Lily Treasure Soaps.

Our Rainbow wings and a set of ears.

It is our first time at Pumpkinfest in Franklin, TN. We visited it last year and it looks like a ton of fun. We will have wings and ears. Please come by and find your wings. Pumpkinfest is October 26 10-7 is downtown Franklin.

Alabama Renaissance Faire

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Had a busy day at the Alabama Renaissance Faire. The weather should be great tomorrow. Come visit us.  We are between Gilded Lily Treasures hand made soap and a decorative box maker.


The living Statue.


Fall Schedule shaping up

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Our fall schedule is shaping up.

Early October we have a new to us show, The Fall Handmade Market Murfreesboro, TN on Oct. 13 2018. We visited their summer last weekend and saw some great handmade items and some comic books and fandom stuff as well. We will fit well here.

We will be returning to the Alabama Renaissance Faire on October 27-28. This is one of our favorite faires. It is  family friendly and lots of fun. We will be there with wings, ears, and art.


We are looking at a few more shows for the fall. If we aren’t coming near you find us online at Storenvy

Stolen Butterfly.

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Someone stole a butterfly from an exhibit in Ohio.

Butterfly Theft

The season is almost here.

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It is warming up and flowers are blooming. Spring has begun, well it snowed a couple of days ago but the afternoon was sunny and warm. WE are getting ready for our spring show just a few weeks till we open the season at The Tennessee Renaissance Festival.  We’re pacing our display are getting ready.

See you in May!

Fantasy themed shirts at Tee-fury

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Teefury: Limited Edition tees! Visit for a list of their Fantasy Collection!

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 10.49.16 AM


mermaid shirt

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Renaissance Faire offers community experience – Flor-Ala: Life

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The Alabama Renaissance Faire will be held Oct. 25 and 26 at Wilson Park in Florence. We will be there again this year. Look for our handmade fairy wings. Come by and say hi.

Article by University of North Alabama.

“The Renaissance era was the rebirth of all the arts and philosophy and literature, so it was perfect,” said Billy Warren, chairman of the Florence Renaissance Faire. “Florence, Alabama was laid out by an Italian surveyor in 1818, and of course the Renaissance Faire itself started in Florence, Italy.”

Renaissance Faire offers community experience – Flor-Ala: Life.

Dark Crystal Shirt

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At TeeFury August 1 only! In Another World by MedusaD. Only $11 dollars. Your choice of Charcoal, Dark Chocolate, or Deep Purple.



Sales made through these links help support this site.

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